Quickly complete the construction of conditional statements. The parameters of the where method support strings and arrays.

General query

$builder->where('col1', 2)->get('getTable');

String statement

You can use string statements to build more complex conditions

// Generate a rough statement: where status = 1 AND (id > 10 or id < 2)
$builder->where('status', 1)->where(' (id > 10 or id <2) ')->get('getTable);

Special operator

$builder->where('id', [1,2,3], 'IN')->get('getTable');
$builder->where('age', 12, '>')->get('getTable');

Connection condition


$builder->where('is_vip', 1)->where('id', [1,2], '=', 'OR')->get('getTable');
$builder->where('is_vip', 1)->orWhere('id', [1,2])->get('getTable');

Pass the instructions

Method prototype

function where($whereProp, $whereValue = 'DBNULL', $operator = '=', $cond = 'AND')
  • $whereProp string Support indexed arrays, kv arrays, or directly passed strings
  • $whereValue stringConditional value
  • $operator string Operator
  • $cond string Connection condition