To add a new record to the database, first create a new model instance, set the properties for the instance, and then call the save method:

$model = new UserModel();
// Different ways of setting values
$model->setAttr('id', 7);
$model->name = 'name';
$model['name'] = 'name';

$res = $model->save();
var_dump($res); // Returns the value of the self-incrementing id or primary key. If it fails, it returns null.

In this example, we assign id and name to the id and name attributes of the UserModel model instance. When the save method is called, a new record will be inserted.

Array assignment

You can pass in the array [field name=>field value] and call the save method to save it.

$model = UserModel::create([
    'name' => 'siam',
    'age'  => 21,

$res = $model->save();
// data($data, $setter = true)  
// The second parameter can determine whether you want to call the modifier (if you want to set it, the documentation below)
$user = UserModel::create()->data([
    'name' => 'siam',
    'age'  => 21,
], false)->save();