Deleting records uses the destroy method, which can pass in multiple expression type parameters. The number of records that are affected after execution

By existing model

This approach is our most recommended, and is the core idea of the ORM component, mapping the operation of the data to the operation of the object.

$user = UserModel::create()->get(1);

By Primary Key

$res = UserModel::create()->destroy(1); //by specifying the primary key directly (if it exists)
$res = UserModel::create()->destroy('2,4,5');//Specify multiple parameters for each parameter as a different primary key
$res = UserModel::create()->destroy([3, 7]);//Array specifies multiple primary keys

By where condition

$res = UserModel::create()->destroy(['age' => 21]);//Array specifies where condition results are removed
$res = UserModel::create()->destroy(function (QueryBuilder $builder) {
     $builder->where('id', 1);

Delete full table data

If you need to empty the table, you can use the destroy method to pass in (null, true), which will delete all rows.

$res = UserModel::create()->destroy(null,true);