The function of the getter is to automatically process the field value of the data.

To define an acquirer, you must create a "get field name Attr" method on your model.

The getter method of the field to be accessed needs to be named using "Little Hump". In this example, we will define an accessor for the status property.

The fields of the data table are automatically converted to hump method access when using the getter

This accessor is called automatically when an ORM instance attempts to get the value of status :

Class UserModel extends AbstractModel
     * $value mixed is the original value
     * $data array is the current model all values
    Protected function getStatusAttr($value, $data)
        $status = [-1=>'delete', 0=>'disabled', 1=>'normal', 2=>'pending'];
        Return $status[$value];

The getter can also define fields that do not exist in the data table, for example:

Protected function getEasyswooleAttr($value,$data)
  Return 'Easyswoole user-'.$data['id'];

Then we can use this easyswoole field on the outside.

$res = UserModel::create()->get(4);