The role of the modifier is to automatically process when the model instance modifies the field assignment

To define a modifier, you must create a "set field name Attr" method on your model.

The modifier method to be defined needs to be named using "Little Hump". In this example, we will define a modifier for the name property.

The fields of the data table are automatically converted to hump method access when using the getter

This modifier is called automatically when the model instance attempts to modify the value of the name field:

Class UserModel extends AbstractModel
      * $value mixed is the original value
      * $data array is the current model all values
     Protected function setNameAttr($value, $data)
         Return $value."_plus a uniform suffix";

The following code will be saved by the modifier when the settings are saved.

$model = new UserModel([
     'name' => 'siam',
     'age' => 21,
//name is stored as: siam_ plus a uniform suffix