Docker deployment

`Docker is an open source application container engine, which allows developers to package their applications and dependency packages into a portable image, and then publish them to any popular 'Linux' or 'windows' machine. It can also realize virtualization. Containers use sandbox mechanism completely, and there is no interface between them.

Before using dockerfor deployment, users need to install [docker] by themselves( ).:::

Pull image

Please execute the following command on the terminal

docker pull easyswoole/easyswoole3

The environment on the hub is php7.2 + swoole4.4.17 + easyswoole 3.3.x

Framework startup

docker run -ti -p 9501:9501 easyswoole/easyswoole3

The default working directory is: /easyswoole
After the command is executed, the system will automatically enter the working directory, execute PHP easywoole start and access the host browser

How to develop

The mapping function of docker can be used to map the host directory to the container. In the mapped directory, re install easywoole according to the framework installation document. In the host development, synchronous testing is carried out in the container.

Note that in some environments, such as the docker environment of the win10 system. You can't use the virtual machine shared directory as the 'temp' directory of easysoole. Because of insufficient permissions, you can't create socket. This will result in an error: listen xxxxxx.sock To do this, you can manually dev.php In the configuration file, change the 'temp' directory to another path, such as:/ tmp`:::


Dockerfile It is a text file used to build an image. The text content contains instructions and instructions for building an image.

FROM centos:8

#version defined

#install libs
RUN yum install -y curl zip unzip  wget openssl-devel gcc-c++ make autoconf git
#install php
RUN yum install -y php-devel php-openssl php-mbstring php-json php-simplexml
# composer
RUN curl -sS | php \
    && mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composer && chmod +x /use/bin/composer
# use aliyun composer
RUN composer config -g repo.packagist composer

# swoole ext
RUN wget${SWOOLE_VERSION}.tar.gz -O swoole.tar.gz \
    && mkdir -p swoole \
    && tar -xf swoole.tar.gz -C swoole --strip-components=1 \
    && rm swoole.tar.gz \
    && ( \
    cd swoole \
    && phpize \
    && ./configure --enable-openssl \
    && make \
    && make install \
    ) \
    && sed -i "2i" /etc/php.ini \
    && rm -r swoole

# Dir
WORKDIR /easyswoole
# install easyswoole
RUN cd /easyswoole \
    && composer require easyswoole/easyswoole=${EASYSWOOLE_VERSION} \
    && php vendor/easyswoole/easyswoole/bin/easyswoole install