Chat room based on EasySwoole V3

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Based on the background of the EasySwoole framework, the Policy component, the FastCache component, and the mysqli connection pool component are used. Used for: api development process learning, component usage learning, project background.

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Development tools, can record the most recent http request, and analyze parameters, recurrence requests, such as WeChat asynchronous callback debugging, pay a single, you can repeatedly simulate push callback until the program goes through.

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Quickly generate CURD code from the database, including a full set of beans, models, controllers. Code layering, rapid development of additions, deletions and changes to the function module.

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Complete IM application based on EasySwoole V3 and integrated mysq/redisl coroutine connection pool, Task asynchronous task, ceche cache, chat chat and other functions in ES document (demo)

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socialite (Third-party login integration component)

Third-party login component for easyswoole based on overtrue/socialite transformation, now supports wechat, qq, weibo, github, facebook

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