EasySwoole Framework version update record

The latest update record of the EasySwoole framework only describes the update record after October 24th, 2020. For details of the previous update record, please refer to the document of the old version or github record.

Version 3.4.2 - December 24th, 2020


  • Optimized the task component, more flexible configuration can be used.
  • Optimized the crontab component, it can avoid the task not being executed in extreme situations.
  • Optimized the http-dispatcher component, you can register routes more flexibly.

Version 3.4.1 - November 18th, 2020


  • Added constant SysConst::EXECUTE_COMMAND, the constant can get the executed command inside the main frame.
  • Added check that the install command check whether the symlink and readlink functions are disabled.


  • Fixed bug that the table information is not cleaned up when worker exits abnormally.


  • Removed the config function in the command and bridge component, because the configuration does not use swoole-table.

Version 3.4.0 - October 24th, 2020

v3.4.x is not compatible with v3.3.x, 3.4.x has made relatively large adjustments.

To upgrade from v3.3.x to v3.4.x, you need to re-execute the php vendor/bin/easyswoole install command to complete the upgrade.


  • Added method Core::getInstance()->runMode();. You can use the method to modify the configuration file used when the framework is running. The default configuration file used when the framework is running is dev.php. You can also dynamically modify this configuration file in the startup command.


  • The basic management command of the framework has been changed.

  • When upgrading the framework to v3.4.x, the user-defined command needs to be adjusted. (For versions lower than v3.4.x)

  • config is changed from the previously used swoole-table to splArray, users can adjust config by themselves.

  • The use of onRequest and afterRequest global events is changed, it needs to be registered in the initialize event and use, and the usage is as follows:

    \EasySwoole\Component\Di::getInstance()->set(\EasySwoole\EasySwoole\SysConst::HTTP_GLOBAL_ON_REQUEST, callback);
    \EasySwoole\Component\Di::getInstance()->set(\EasySwoole\EasySwoole\SysConst::HTTP_GLOBAL_AFTER_REQUEST, callback);

    The callback parameter in the above function is the callback function, and the parameters that need to be injected in the callback function are as follows:

    function (\EasySwoole\Http\Request $request, \EasySwoole\Http\Response $response){}

    The onRequest event needs to return bool to determine whether the program continues with the dispatcher.


  • Removed global events onRequest and afterRequest in EasySwooleEvent.

  • Removed method Core::getInstance()->isDev();.

  • Removed Core::getInstance()->globalInitialize();, you can call EasySwooleEvent::initialize() by yourself.